Registration Ends Wednesday, Deecember 12, 2018

Do something amazing!

Design a Wintry December Sky painting unique to your style, one color at a time!

Whether you need to re-charge during
the holiday rush or You want to create a
meaningful gift for someone or You want
to learn real painting tips from
The Art MASTER...
This painting party is for you!



Friday, December 14, 2018 7pm - 9pm

Imagine being in a space that allows you to step away from the festive stress of the holidays to relax and recharge. You'll embrace your creative side and reconnect with your inner spirit.  How would you feel? Revitalized, right?


Paint, Relax & Unwine is the #1 virtual paint party! There's no other experience like this. You'll relax, connect with your artistic side, and learn really cool art techniques in the comfort of your own home. It's an evening of creativity infused with meditation and art. You'll indulge in a few breathing exercises, music, and step-by-step instructions with a special cocktail demonstration.


Sounds delicious, right?

First, The Art MASTER will help you establish a cozy vibe that speaks to the soul. Next, we'll get the party started with a Berry Merry Cocktail demo! Then, you'll jump into the art-making process with personalized guidance. You'll come away with a real-life work of art you can hang on your wall and be proud of! This is a moment to refresh the spirit before the holidays get really, really busy fast!

It’s an EVENING of self-expression, relaxation, and creativity!


We all need to pamper ourselves every once in a while. Especially, during the holiday season! The stress of the hustle and bustle can impact your mood and well-being. Holiday stress can compromise the function of organs. It can create emotional imbalance, depression, or anxiety. And it causes misalignment of the spirit.

Self-care is vital! So, before you jump ahead into the most hectic time of year, one must be proactive in setting aside a moment. Yet, you may wonder where and when can you find the time? There's so much to do! Decorations to put up;'gifts to give; and family matters to handle like school closures all while maintaining chores of your household! A moment to stop, self-reflect, and supercharge seems impossible.


Your Paint, Relax & Unwine Virtual Party offers an experience that is inspiring and free from judgement. There's no need to achieve perfection or have special art skills. Just pure fun, laughter, and connection with friends that feels natural.


This evening is unlike the average paint party! The Art MASTER will help you customize a painting unique to your own style. You'll integrate easy steps with vibrant colors and special details that highlights your creative side!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started!

Here's Everything You'll Get

& Deserve...

Paint-Relax-Unwine Itinerary & Material List

Receive an outline of your creative journey with a list of suggested materials to purchase and have ready for your paint party with The Art MASTER.

Soft Meditation & Breathe Work

With gentle guidance, The Art MASTER will help you set the synergy in your space so that you can relax, and deepen the artistic process.

Merry Berry Cocktail Demo
Step-by-Step Instructions

View a demonstration that'll show you the process for mixing a delicious cocktail. Ingredient list is included.

Learn how to create a Wintry December Sky painting from start to finish. There's no need to have previous painting skills. You need only to bring your creative self.


Free Adult Coloring Sheets

soothe the mind and color 3 illustrations that includes whimsical winter designs

Sherita Sparrow, The Art MASTER, will be your creative guide for the evening. She is also the CEO and Founder of The Feather’s Touch, LLC, a holistic therapeutic art company serving the elderly and special needs. Sherita supports healthcare professionals, leaders, and caregivers through interactive art training and retreats.


What makes audiences respond to Sherita, is her artistic ability and welcoming spirit. She sparks conversations that inspire and makes audiences feel at ease. Her retreats and paint parties offer meaningful experiences that help you see your inner brilliance. She believes everyone deserves more than average. You deserve a life that speaks to your soul!

The ART Master


Join us to soothe the mind and discover your creative side!

Here's What to Expect!

You will:


  • Experience soft meditation to relax the mind and relieve tension or stress from your busy day

  • View a Berry Merry Cocktail demonstration that shares the process for mixing a drink that excites your taste buds!

  • Learn specific painting techniques to create an Wintry December Sky painting from start to finish. (even if you consider yourself a non-artist!)

  • Design a painting that resonates with your soul and personal style (it will not be a cookie-cutter design)

  • Come away with a real-life work of art you can hang on your wall and be proud of! Your family and friends will be impressed!

  • Connect with other creative-compassionate souls to share thoughts and add a more enriching experience



Judy Q.

Since I haven’t painted in quite a while, I found this presentation to be relaxing and it certainly sparked my creativity.  Sherita is a great instructor and it was easy to follow her direction.  After all, she is The Art Master.

Christiana S.

I liked the convenience of fun in the comfort of home, while meeting others and learning new painting techniques. I can't wait for the next virtual painting session!


I thought is was perfect! I totally LOVED all the  encouragement along the way. Initially, I was critical of myself and The Art MASTER steered me to embrace my creativity when I was looking at performance. It was truly a wonderful experience!

Registration Ends Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Party Details

  • When: Friday, December 14, 2018

  • Where: In the comfort of your own home

  • Equipment: Must have laptop or computer, webcam, and internet access to fully benefit from the party experience!

  • Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Questions: If you have any questions about the Paint, Relax & Unwine Party, please  send us a message via email:

( One-Time Fee )

Party Plans Start at:


Awesome! Let's get this party started!

Registration Ends Wednesday, December 12 , 2018

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Register for Paint, Relax & Unwine Virtual Party! It's one of the best virtual experiences for relaxing the mind while exploring your creative side. You’ll discover how to design a winter sky painting from scratch that highlights your personal style.  


This paint party will revitalize and refresh your soul!


10-Day Refund Policy

You are eligible for a complete refund if you realize you’re unable to attend the virtual party within the 3 days of registering. After 3 days of registration, we will offer you a non-refundable credit. The credit may apply toward any future event or program of The Feather’s Touch, LLC (up to one full year from your original registration date). This special guarantee is good until Wednesday, December 12, 2018, Midnight. Unfortunately, no refunds are available after this date.


Paint, Relax & Unwine Virtual Party is 100% inspiring, educational and transformative. There's no other virtual paint party like this that creates a getaway in the comfort of your own home! 

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